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Things To Check When Web Traffic Drops

Always keeping your website in its pristine state is not easy. Therefore when a website owner experiences a sudden drop in search engine traffic, it can be frustrating and even tragic for some. However, a decline in traffic does not mean it is the end of the world.

The truth is there is hardly a website owner who has never experienced this situation, as google keeps on adjusting their ranking algorithm all the time. This is assuming you get a large part of your traffic organically from google, and many blogs and websites do.

So if it does happen to you, do not lose hope. There are moments when incidents like these occur temporarily and pass after a few weeks. But if you suspect a deeper issue, it is time to do some auditing.

Here are the possible elements to check when your web traffic plunges.

Your Own Website

Check the front end of your website and see if it is working properly, or if there is a problem with the domain or site. If all the significant parts of your website work fine, you should check inbound links.

This is very true for websites who gain the majority of their traffic from existing campaigns. So if you have a lot of inbound campaigns, ensure that they are all working like a well-oiled machine.

Your Content

Content is critical in SEO. Therefore, every webmaster should follow the rules of good content writing – which are no thin, plagiarized or duplicate content. Thin articles are posts that contain very little information and often hold no value to the reader.

Thin content can also be a long article with very few relevant ideas. Plagiarizing is when one website copies another site’s content and takes credit for it. Duplicate content on the other hand, occurs when a site posts material that has already been posted on another of their website. Make sure you only publish original informative and useful content.

Google Analytics and Algorithm

If the issue is not with your website or your content, check your Google Analytics and see if you can pinpoint where things went wrong. Go back to your recent marketing activities and examine if there is a correlation to your traffic loss.

By the end of this step, you should be able to conduct an internal audit where you may discover possible internal and external factors affecting your site.

Google continues to update their algorithm to provide the best search results to their users consistently. Sometimes, niche specified updates can end up affecting your website. The sad part here is that there is nothing you can do about it. See if your keywords are in order. You can conduct some patches to keep your keywords in order once more.

Your Competition

Various factors could influence how a competitor of yours ends up taking away your traffic. One example is when they seem to be using the same keywords as you. Determine what’s going on by spying on your competition. There are many different ways to analyse competing websites like ahrefs, you just need to find the right tool for it.

When your keywords are affected by the algorithm update, it is time to use alternative keywords that can help you gain a competitive advantage. If there are just too many international competitors, it is time to consider going local. Doing this will help you narrow down your target market and regain some of the traffic you have lost.

For businesses and companies that generate their sales and leads online, a steady flow of web traffic is critical to their success. That is why a sharp plunge in traffic can send a successful and profitable business in panic mode.

Although it is certainly normal to be concerned about such a dire situation, know that there are ways to prevent this from happening and to stop this from continuing. So if you have not experienced this yet, it is time to adopt some preventative measures.

If you are currently losing traffic, check the above tips to prepare your website for the worse. Good luck!

How Do We Decide To Buy From A Website

trusted animalsOnline shopping is the new trend. However, there is a risk of getting scammed if you are not meticulous in checking the website’s legitimacy.

Listed below are the elements you need to check on a website to make sure it’s safe for you to buy there.

Securing Your Data

Despite the fact that physical stores like Target and Home Depot have been targets of information robbery through the most recent years, ecommerce business exchanges are similarly powerless against such attacks. What’s more, online customers are helpless against tricks like phishing or false websites, spam/phishing messages, pop-ups, social centered attacks, and fake foundations or causes.

When you give an online retailer your data, they must secure the information that you gave them, so it’s essential that you be watchful who you trust with your data on the Web. Yet, how would you know who to trust? How would you know whether a site is honest to goodness and how to know if it is safe to give them your information?

The most effective method to know whether a Website Is Secure

Prior to giving any data to a website, you should ensure it is secure. The following are some fast tips that you can use to tell if a site is secure.

Look at the domain name

Digital aggressors will once in a while make websites that copy existing websites and attempt to trap individuals into buying something on or signing into their phishing site. These sites frequently look precisely like the current website people thought they were browsing.

They may utilize hardly distinguishable name from the real site: a digital assailant buys the space “” and sets up a website at that location that looks precisely like the website. They purchase a DV endorsement for their website and endeavor to trap clients (by utilizing phishing messages or different strategies) to buy things or sign into their records on the copy phishing site.

To stay away from these sorts of assaults, dependably take a gander at the URL of the site you are on. On the off chance that you get an email from your bank or other online merchant, don’t tap the connection in the email. Sort the area into your program to ensure you are interfacing with the website where you plan to be.

Search for Signs that the Company Is Real

There are a couple of signs that you can search for to enable you to know whether an organization is genuine or not.

Physical address and telephone number – If the organization records a physical address and telephone number there is a higher shot that they are a genuine business. Legitimate organizations will list their data so you can reach them if there is an issue.

Merchandise exchange – Reputable sites should list their arrival arrangement and also their delivery approach. In case you can’t discover these arrangements on their site, you most likely would prefer not to buy from them.

Costs are too low to be real – It’s awesome when you discover a great deal, yet you ought to be careful about sites that offer items at costs that are far lower than they ought to be. You could wind up with knock off stock, stolen products, or not get anything by any means.

Privacy and TOS – Reputable sites should disclose to you how they ensure your data and whether they give your data to outsiders. You should ensure a site has a privacy and TOS and read it before you make a buy.

Be Safe Out There

Shopping on the web is greatly advantageous and can make your life a breathe if you purchase a lot of goods and services on a regular basis. But succumbing to an online trick or two or some form of information robbery could destroy anybody’s enjoyment. Ensure you remain safe on the web and protect your data by following these fast tips amid your browsing, for you own sake.

The Golden Rules Of Web Hosting

safe horsesWeb hosting is the vehicle that allows your website to be noticed on the Internet, and yet you may know nothing or little about it.

You may find the concept of web hosting confusing or intimidating, but you need to learn a few things about it if you want your website up and running. This article can further provide you with quality guidance on choosing a hosting service provider.

You need to decide whether you are going for shared or dedicated hosting. In the case of a site with many pages an posts, or when receiving a lot of traffic, you need to find the right web host to suit your requirements. In this situation, it could be a great idea to look for a dedicated host.

You must inquire about all security measures implemented when you select your web host. Nowadays with online communities getting more and more complicated and intertwined, websites will come under attack on a regular basis, and there are many ways in which this can transpire. Ensure that the host of your choosing has security programs in place to handle these problems properly. You should probe about the potential hazards to your website to your chose provider in the event that the host is under attack.

Are you stuck between choosing between paid and free hosting provider as a place to put your new website? The most considerable disadvantage of free hosting is if there is a system failure or downtime, you can potentially lose everything. If security is critical for your website, pay more to have what is known as the secure server certificate.

You should check out all of the options available to you and establish an excellent site by having an efficient web host. Rates will often vary significantly. Frequently, inexpensive deals tend to be quite reliable. But more expensive web host can accommodate more bandwidth for your site. They may also have just as much–or more–downtime than less expensive hosts.

Free web hosts are available if you’re looking to save a significant amount of money. This type of hosting plan often means ads will appear on your page, and that you’ll have limited storage space as well. If you want to create a professional-looking site, this type of hosting isn’t best for your needs.

Check if the host that you’re considering renders money back guarantees. If at some point, during the first 30 days after signing up and you become unhappy with the service, you should be able to cancel your plan and get your money back. Some web hosts providers do not live up to their guarantees and might lead you to believe that they will return your money.

Look for customer reviews and make sure they are located on independent websites to get a good idea of the company. These reviews will help you recognize a far better idea of how the provider truly performs.

Try and find a web hosting company which offers a cPanel. A cPanel assists you in adding popular applications onto your website without any trouble. These applications are usually very intuitive and instinctive. It also makes running your site much more efficient.

If you are new to the world of web design, go for a web host that offers excellent customer service rather than a lot of bells and whistles. As a novice, you may rely on the helpfulness of the web hosting company to get you up and running with your site. You will get a lot more from a technical support versus the applications that other companies may offer.

A dedicated server is a favorite among webmasters with extensive files. This type of server enables you to have more storage space. It also provides better security for your website. This will ensure that you render your customers with optimal experience whenever they visit your site. Remember, a happy visitor always comes back to the sites they found to be fast and informative.

Check out the aesthetics of the site of your potential web host. A poorly created page is a red flag for many users and should be avoided. A professional website shows that the hosting company has at least some experience in HTML and designing web pages.

Make sure your site does not get taken away by scammers. Never fall for any bogus miscellaneous fees either. Many providers won’t disclose extra expenses that come with the package so make sure to conduct your research well. Find out every potential fee upfront to avoid any unexpected costs.

In conclusion, those who own a website may not know a thing about web hosting. But now that you have read this article, you should have gathered some more insight with regards to web hosting providers and how to choose one. Use the advice you’ve just learned today to help you find the right web hosting company.

How To Find An Internship In Canada

Canadian mooseInternships are almost a right-of-passage for new graduates. As an intern, you have the opportunity to work for a large company, learning the ropes and getting a great deal of life experience.

While many internships do not pay you any money, some do provide with a small honorarium. Of course, many interns actually end up working for the very company that they interned at. So, short-term pain for long-term gain, financially speaking.

There are thousands of college students vying for the same internships that you are looking at, but how do you set yourself apart, how do you get that internship you have been looking at? Here is how to find an internship in Canada.

First of all, you need to be open-minded about the opportunities for internships. You should apply at every internship you can find, with many different companies. Look for any positions you feel you are qualified for, or that you are interested in.

Look for companies that you also want to work for after graduation, because as was stated before, many interns go on to work for the companies they interned at. No sense interning at a company you hate, only to be offered a job there once your internship is completed.

Second, finding the internship itself typically comes down to your college or university. Most campuses have a career centre, and a website, that shows local and national intern opportunities. These centres also help you with crafting a good resume, and workshops to help you in the all-important interview stage. You don’t have to go through the college though.

There are several websites including and, which help you find companies that are hiring interns, and allow you to send your resume in directly to them. You can also read reviews by former interns, who have worked at these businesses to determine if they are where you actually want to intern. You can also go to to see job listings, company reviews and salaries. Don’t forget about looking on the company websites themselves to see if there are any internships available.

Third, always be prepared and always network on LinkedIn. There are ample opportunities on LinkedIn if you are willing to connect with people. In addition, make sure you pay attention to how your social media profile may impact your hiring. If your profile picture is you with your spouse, or your child, that is great. If your profile picture is you drinking a large jug of alcohol and your cover photo is something offensive, don’t expect to be hired.

Assuming that employers looking for interns aren’t going to look at your profile page is a big mistake to make. They absolutely will look at your profile page, so make it look good. This goes for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn especially. In a recent study by Career Enlightenment, it found that 50 per cent of all employers will use Facebook to find talent. Make a good impression before you even meet the employer with your social media profile.

Fourthly, speaking of LinkedIn, most recruiters will use LinkedIn to find candidates for internships, and to learn more information about you. Make sure you keep your LinkedIn profile page up-to-date with your education and experience as a well.

Once you find the internship and are hired, you now need to turn that internship into a full-time job. You can do this by understanding that you are not going to have fun work to start. You are going to be filing, doing menial tasks, and it will be boring but that doesn’t mean the job will be. Show enthusiasm and build trust early on to help increase your chances of being hired once the internship is done. Look at the office culture and follow it. If everyone shows up to meetings 20 minutes early, then you need to do the exact same. In addition, focus on the task at hand and do it to the best of your ability. Be confident in your work, but don’t be over confident. Above all else, make sure you take the work seriously. This could be a stepping stone to a bigger and better career for you, so don’t blow it.

Internships can be thankless jobs for some, but if you find the right internship, you can turn it into something more. Do your research beforehand and make sure you find the right internship for you, and don’t delay when you apply. Sometimes the first to be hired are the first to apply.

Internships are short-term work experiences that enable you to note and participate in professional work environments and explore exactly how your interests associate with possible professions. They are essential learning possibilities that can guide you make notified choices concerning your career path.